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Muscular weaknessThe muscle the start of a working brain cells to neurons by releasing chemicals. When nerves are chemicals that have electricity running to the muscles Contact the muscles, nerves, including box-build, but it has a small hole called. Neuromuscular junction which nerve cells secrete substances called Cambridge. Acetylcholine Chemical substances are to go into effect at the receptor on muscle cells make muscle cell contraction fall.  For muscular weakness, myasthenia gravis, a muscle disease that we control, such as the forehead lift arm muscles. With fatigue the weakness is caused by the body’s immune system destroys receptor on muscle cells, muscle cells, though not run secretes chemicals.

This happens when the body gets immune substances. The bacteria however, for these patients, body shaping, anti-receptor autoimmune diseases or conditions that are trigger autoimmune disease. Muscular weakness, myasthenia gravis symptoms what The symptoms  Blurred or double vision Gibber Difficulty chewing or swallowing A weakness of arms or legs Muscle weakness is Dispend Testing laboratory that is muscular weakness, myasthenia gravis what For blood Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody which 85 percent of patients will experience the landscape?

Patients, 40-70 percent of patients with negative results first group are positive for this test Anti-Musk Antibody testing. Test chemical is injected intravenously. Muscle strength is found to be improved immediately. Electromyography – (EMG) is a test of muscle power spectrum to meet the specific characteristics of the disease. Single Fiber EMG muscle power testing, which will provide a unique look Treatment No specific treatment But there is a way to coax the patient’s quality of life better, but probably not as good as everyone. Ongoing exposure consists General medicine, surgery to IDG Thymus plasmapharesis.