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Muscle soreness (or, in English, DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness) is feeling the pain familirara those who train with weights. It manifests as a burning, pressing, pain, etc.. Working muscles
When and where does muscle soreness?
Apre usually in muscles that were subjected to stress that they were not accustomed. It seems that negative movements (eccentric) produce a higher fever in the middle of a muscle, while concentric contractions produce fever higher areas near the tendon.Second high intensity training produces a deeper foot while training with weights and many repetitions smaller shallower produce a fever.

So this is an indicator of muscle area reached predilection for a particular type of training.Example, the quadriceps muscle in bodybuilders from lifters, bodybuilders training with more repetitions was a development of the outer parts of the muscles much larger which give their muscles and refinement.
Muscle soreness occurs with a delay of about a day, or several hours, has a peak intensity about 1-3 days to complete the training and pass a time between 4 and 7 days, all depending on intenstitatea training, nutrition and rest.