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Muscle soreness  2

In macro-template can use muscle soreness as an indicator of the effectiveness of a workout, but it is not as safe and not recommended for everyone. It is considered as a mild fever is an indicator of a good workout, while too strong a fever may indicate a very intense workout that wind capacity and the muscle or training. http://www.somanabolicmusclemaximizereviewscam.com/tag/kyle-leon-review/
The absence of muscle soreness after exercise may indicate a workout below muscle growth stimulation. However, as I said, is not a reliable indicator, pain tolerance is very different from one person to another and now muscle soreness-progress, the people who make progress without fever, fever, and still others do not do progress.
Muscle soreness should not be very strong, because in this case it is a signal that was applied too much muscle. A very strong muscle soreness can affect muscle for periods of up to three weeks, during which you can not train at maximum, even you will experience a decline in muscle mass and strength.