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grow muscleTo which type of strength training is better suited to increase strength, and what – to increase muscle mass and volume? How and by what grows muscle tissue?
Whereby the muscles grow?
In the first part of the material mentioned that the number of muscle fibers is determined genetically and muscles grow due to an increase in volume (“hypertrophy”). It is believed that over 80% due to an increase of growth of connective tissue.The remaining 20% of the increase due to the increased storage of nutrients in the muscles, but despite the fact that it is only 20%, without providing nutrients muscle growth is simply impossible. As always, the rule of Pareto 80/20
The role of nutrition in the set of muscles In response to strength training increases the amount of body reserves of energy and nutrients to the muscles, which allows to train longer and more efficiently, as well as heal micro damages and will build a new connective tissue.
Strengthened food after exercise (“carbohydrate window”) is important for the development of skills and transforms the body to store energy for stronger workouts next time. If you do not eat enough, it significantly impairs muscle growth.